Our Vision


“Our passion is to be followers of Jesus Christ who are welcoming, worshiping, growing and going.”


WELCOMING – We invite people to come as they are and to find their unique place in the church. We are working hard to never draw lines of “insiders/outsiders,” “saints/sinners,” “us/them.” We believe that Christ greets people with open arms, knows their names and loves them for who they are – and we strive to be like Christ!

WORSHIPING – We feel strongly that we were created to praise God! So worship is at the heart of all that we do. Worship feeds our souls, but it also reminds us that the heart of any church is to bring glory to the Holy One. We do what we do in awe and love of our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.

GROWING – We believe that God loves us as we are, but, in love, God will help us grow into “more.” We want to always be seeking, asking, going deeper and understanding more. Learning is an important component of a person’s life journey, and we want to be a learning place!

GOING – We believe that Jesus came for the sake of everyone, and so the church must never become focused on itself. Our task is to take the kingdom of heaven into the world so that all may know the saving grace and wondrous love of God, becoming themselves disciples who welcome, worship, grow and go!